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Subconscious vs. Unconscious

In the world of brain science and hypnosis, the terms subconscious and unconscious are often misunderstood Your subconscious plays a vital role in every decision you make. On average an adult makes 35,000 decisions daily Every decision we make comes from our belief system, which has been created by our past experiences The subconscious mind (sub) means below the conscious mind. Our conscious is what we are aware of at this very moment.

Being unconscious means you are physically unaware of anything around you and incapacitated Your subconscious is running in the background while you are awake. Negative behaviors that are preventing you from reaching your goals come from your subconscious, which means your positive beliefs are the thoughts in your subconscious that’s propelling you towards success.


Action Plan

When you have negative thoughts that are hindering reaching your goals, take note of what they are, and ask yourself why you have that belief. Once you start taking notice of your negative beliefs, you can begin to change those beliefs into ones that add to your future successes.

Thanks for checking out todays blog! Remember to live life with no regrets and see the possible in the impossible.

- Brian

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