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How Bad Do You Want It?

How did you handle the time during COVID and how bad do you want that success now? The last two years since COVID began, have been a roller coaster of a ride for many of us, including myself. Right before COVID began, I completed my new keynote and was ready to get out there and rock it! Out of nowhere, everything shut down. Looking back, it’s pretty unbelievable and remarkable what the country went through during that period. To be honest, I feel in a slump and as a speaker, things looked pretty bleak at that point for the speaking world. I am a guy who’s positive 99.9% of the time but during this period it became difficult. The momentum that I was on came to a halt. Fast forward to today and I’ve picked myself up, stronger than ever.

I remind myself daily of some great advice that I was given. If I’m not doing everything that I can to get to my goal, there is someone out there right now that wants that same goal that I’m reaching for. Thinking about that makes me want to work even harder to reach my goals faster. Not that I don’t want others to succeed, because I do, and believe there’s room for all of us to succeed together. It just pushes me to put in as many hours as possible and work smarter every day.

Leave your comment and let's hear what motivates you to push each day. How bad do you want it?!

See the possible in the impossible!


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