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Complete Hypnosis Program


What changes can I expect?

After years of research, I have designed a complete hypnosis program to give you long last results in the fastest amount of time.  Weight loss, depression, stress, love, business success, and success for your children are just some of the changes you will make with this program.

This program goes beyond what hour long hypnotherapy sessions can do for you,  With this program, you will be listening to an auto-suggestion hypnosis program while you sleep for the entire night using music that has been designed for the reprogramming of the subconscious mind.  Your subconscious will be on bombarded with auto-suggestions all night which provides the most effective and fastest way to reach your goals.

What is the Subconscious Mind?

Your subconscious mind is like the hard drive of a computer. In the first seven years of your life, your subconscious is taking everything in from around you, forming the beliefs that shape your thoughts and behaviors.  For most, 60% of the programs that you have are negative ones that are sabotaging your goals in life.  This program is about rewriting your negative programs and re-writing them to ones that align with your goals.


What is hypnosis?

The first seven years of your life, your brain waves are in a state called the theta state, which happens to be the same state you are in when you are in hypnosis.  During the theta state, you are taking in everything around you, absorbing the information like a sponge.  Everyone experiences stages of being in the theta state daily, but in very small windows of time.  This program allows you to tap into even a deeper state, Delta waves, at the most opportunistic times to reprogram your subconscious.


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What is the difference between hypnotherapy and this program?

I am a certified hypnotherapist and have helped hundreds of people make positive changes to their lives.  Hypnosis is my passion because I 100% believe that with hypnosis, it can not only change your life but will in a very short period of time.  

The difference between then and now is my view on what is the most effective way to use hypnosis.  While I fully believe hypnotherapy sessions in person can change lives, I believe that self-hypnosis is the most effective way.  As a benefit, the cost is so much less!!

Hypnotherapy is usually at least two sessions in person and the number of sessions can be as high as 10 with the cost of approx $150 a session. Self-hypnosis is done in the privacy of your home.  A huge bonus is that the program that I have designed is EVERYTHING you'll ever need to make changes in any area of your life.  One small fee which is less than the cost of one hypnotherapy session!

I began using self-hypnosis myself to lose weight.  I lost 60 pounds and have been able to keep it.  You can see my before and after picture here to the right....yikes!!  I use self-hypnosis about five days a week for all areas of my life as well as have my children use it for their own success later as adults.

During hypnosis, a person's brain waves are in the Theta state (4-7.5 Hz).  This state has been the most common state used during hypnotherapy as well.  Brain waves are slowed down with specific music designed to enduce the Theta state.

Through my research, I have discovered that lowering your brain waves even lower to the Delta state (0.5-4 Hz), this produces results while one sleeps. Delta waves are present during deep, dreamless sleep, where awareness is fully detached. It is also linked with deep healing and regeneration.  The music that I use in this program is designed for Delta state waves.

Binaural beats contain two tones, each at a different frequency and each in a different ear.  While combined with Delta wave music, combined will allow your brain to obtain the frequency needed for your auto suggestions in the fastest amount of time.  The music that is used in this program contains both delta wave music with binaural beats.


What are delta waves

and binaural beats?

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What does the program include?

The Reprogramming Your Mind for Success library has 15 auto-suggestion hypnosis program which cover all aspects of your personal and professional life.

1. Fast and Effective Weight-loss

2. Stop Smoking Forever

3. Banish Anxiety

4. Wash Away Depression

5. Creativity

6. Confidence and Self-Esteem

7. Wealth

8. Leadership

9. Intuition

10. Enhance Communication

11. Relationships and Marriage

12. Change Your Life

13. Attract Love and Romance

14. Manifest new job opportunities

Created for children of all ages to listen too:

15. Children and ADHD

16. Empowerment and Success for Kids! 


As a bonus, included is almost two hours of classical Bach music to listen too during the day which induces binaural beats and gamma waves (above 40 Hz) This is known as the Insight wave, the fastest wave which was recently discovered. Initial research shows Gamma waves are associated with bursts of insight and high-level information processing. 

"Reprogram Your Mind for Success" PDF journal for you to download to ensure that you are planning strategically for your success

Reprogram Your Mind For Success PDF Journal

40% Off For a Limited Time Only
$147 (normally $250) 

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