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Presents Live With No Regrets

Increase Your Attendence

Many conferences are now beginning to offer evening entertainment during the conference which makes the event stand out. This increases attendance and is a way for your event to stand out and tell others about it.


Read below on how I can help you with this.  Watch this video to watch clips from my award-winning comedy hypnosis show. 

Powerful Message

I have created a very specific Comedy Hypnosis Show for all of the conferences I perform at. The message of my keynote aligns with my keynote in that anyone can change their perceptions and beliefs. It's a very powerful message and the best type of entertainment for everyone. The show is something they will remember and talk about for many years to come! 


Highlight of the Week

I have performed my Comedy Hypnosis show for conferences, cruises, and resorts worldwide. If you wanted the video above, you will that there is no other type of entertainment that matches. It is a time when they become who they really are, let loose, and have the most amazing experience. Afterward, everything sees how powerful the subconscious mind is and it opens up their mind to the possibilities of what they can actually accomplish!

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